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Data Solutions

Full-stack Web3 Development

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Meet the Team


David Hunt-Mateo (aka. MantisClone)

President, Software Developer

Full-stack developer with 9 years of professional experience. Well-versed in Web3 dapp development. Interested in DataFi, DID, DeFi, DeSci, and DAOs. Strong background in communications, data pipelines, speech recognition, image processing, cross-platform libraries, desktop CLIs and GUIs, native Android apps, and embedded software. Skilled in Python, Kotlin, Rust, C++, Java, and C. Intermediate knowledge of Solidity Javascript, and Typescript.

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Core Values


We communicate natural language with the same precision as code. We believe all great products and communities are built on effective communication. We believe the best ideas are ultimately sterile if they cannot be communicated with others.


We get the job done and we do it well. We familiarize ourselves with a broad range of technologies and apply the best approach to any given problem. We iterate quickly to gather feedback and deliver working software sooner.

Technical Excellence

We care about our craft. We think critically to understand the root causes of problems we face. We don't code by coincidence. We take responsibility for the solutions we create.

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